maintain your rage
maintain your rage
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Take Back Australian Politics - Put Australian Public Opinion On-Line

It's high time that ALL Australians had access to the means to express, to know, to inform and to influence Australian Public Opinion; this is, after all, the essence of democracy.

The Right Of Choice RoCPOOL application has the capability and potential to do just that!

The centrepiece of this website is an instance of the RoCPOOL application on the subject of Australian Politics.
In the true spirit of egalitarianism, the very essence of Australian values, RoCPOOL is open to everyone and provides equal access to ALL of the means to:
  • Express, defend and assess opinions

  • Decide the issues

  • Ask and answer the key questions

  • Know what the public opinion is

  • Inform and influence the opinions of others.

and in all of these respects contribute on equal terms to a collective expression of Australian Public Opinion.
The subtle richness and power of RoCPOOL may take time to appreciate but your time will be well invested.
You can read the User Guide and use the the RoCPOOL - Australian Politics to discuss it and share your views about it.