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War Crimes in Afghanistan
Her experience has been dreadful, her situation is appalling, all of it unnecessary and the reasons for it disgusting and shameful.

War Crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq

"As a citizen I regard it not only as a right but as a moral duty to help shape the destiny of my country, to uncover and oppose manifest evils. What I aimed to do was to rouse my students to an ethical understanding of the grave evils of our present political life; a return to definite ethical principles, to the rule of law, to mutual trust between man and man. This is not illegal rather it is the establishment of legality."

Professor Huber. Munich University 1943

Shortly before he was condemned to death with five of his students for spreading sedition.

From Humanising Hell by George Delf.

"Under the influence of politicians, masses of people tend to ascribe the responsibility for wars to those who wield power at any given time. In World War I it was the munitions industrialists; in World War II it was the psychopathic generals who were said to be guilty. This is passing the buck.

The responsibility for wars falls solely upon the shoulders of these same masses of people, for they have all the necessary means to avert war in their own hands. In part by their apathy, in part by their passivity, and in part actively, these same masses of people make possible the catastrophes under which they themselves suffer more than anyone else."

Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism

This site serves to facilitate the attainment of prosecutions for war crimes in relation to the aggressive, illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The prosecution of war criminals (particularly in relation to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq) is probably the most important issue of our time. | |
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